Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adventures with Cows

Have you ever heard of intensive rotational grazing?  Google it.  The short story is that you set up small "paddocks" for cows to move through so that they have to graze 1 small area and then they don't return to that area for a long time, giving the grass time to recover and grow back with the help of the fresh manure deposited there.  It is genius.

I've been trying to get my cows moving through this system since I got them.  Yesterday it finally worked.  HOWEVER, before that, Abigael's theme was this:

I've got lots of great cow chasing stories to tell soon.  Some involve donkeys too, but they all involve one mischievous and beautiful cow galloping freely and gayly through an open field, heals literally clicking in the air as they go.

Don't let her fool you, she's grinning and humming the song above...